The arrival of the cereal


The cereal arrives by land at the grain silo, which receives about 14,000 tons.
The different qualities of wheat can thus be conveyed to the milling sections in defined and constant mixtures.
The aim is of the utmost quality and cleaning, which is obtained by a line of pre-cleaning with the hourly capacity of 100 tons / hour, which release the cereal from dust and impurities.



An efficient cleaning system is the first step in the production of quality flours.
With the removal of impurities in the combined cleaning machine, the light parts are drawn into the integrated suction channel.
The stones are eliminated by specific weight. Scrubbing machines free the kernels from adhering dust and other impurities, ensuring a greater sanitization.
The cleaning section is completed by a system of machines, which separates the short and long foreign grains from the grain.
The automatic humidity control system Aquatron, ensures an optimal and constant level of moisture to allow the grain a perfect grinding after leaving it to stand.



To allow the grinding of different grain mixtures, a process diagram has been developed. The milling section of Molino Bruno is made up of modern rolling mills that meet important requirements: they are simple to use and meet the most sophisticated requirements in terms of sanitization.
Squared Plansichter  sieve grinding products and separate the different fractions according to the grain size.
Semolina machines clean the semolina, bran brushes separate the last flour residue from the bran, shock stators and drum detachers detach the plates of the ground product in the ri-milled passages.


The finished product: the flour

Scales control the weight of the products coming from the grinding, before they are fed into flours and bran  silos by new-concept chain conveyors.
The new technology of these conveyors allows to reduce energy consumption and maintenance time. The special design of chain conveyors helps to avoid product storage inside. The by-product silo is equipped with a dicing system.
The diced bran allows the optimal exploitation of the storage surfaces, thus increasing the storage capacity.
Palletizers and a bagging system complete the flour and bran packaging system.


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