Type 00 flour

00 Flour of selected soft grains processed in such a way as to preserve the lighter part of the flours generally extracted to produce the double zero. Good strength, good elasticity and absorption of liquids, mixed to guarantee a wide versatility of the finished product in its different uses in bread -making and pizzeria, pastry-making and production of fresh egg and water pasta. It is suitable for dough with sourdough starter and brewer's yeast with medium-lasting leavening. (Homemade bread, loaves, buns, rolls, taralli, brisè pasta, sponge cake, sablè pasta, pizzas alla pala, pizzas in the pan and focacce with medium leavening, traditional egg and water pasta).

Available in packs of 25 - 50 kg

Strength: W 200/230

Technical specifications

Organoleptic characteristics

Typical smell and taste.
Absence of foreign notes.

Chemical-physical characteristics

Humidity % Max. 15.50
Ashes% Max. 0.55

Farinographic analysis

Water Absorption Min. 53.00
CD stability Min. 8.00

Amilographic analysis

Maximum viscosity Min.700

Alveographic analysis

W From Min. 200 to 230
P / L Min. 0.50
Gluten Min. 10.00

Microbiological characteristics

  Maximum tolerated value Unit
Total Bacterial Charge 10E5 1 g
Total Coliforms 5 * 10E2 1 g
Escherichia coli <10 1 g
Molds 5 * 10E3 1 g
Yeasts 1.00E + 04 1 g
Salmonella Absent / 125 g
Staphylococcus Aureus <10 1 g
Bacillus Cereus 10E3 1 g

Nutritional values

  Maximum tolerated value Unit
Power 344 Kcal 1461 KJ
Fat /% 0.44 0.10 saturated /%
Carbohydrates /% 75,60 1.40 sugars
Fibers /% 2.20  
Protein /% 11,50  
Salt / % 0.005


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