molino bruno


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The History

The Molino Bruno spa is a company whose origin go far back. It’s first notification was in 1902 in a book entitled “Delle arti e dei Mestieri ”(Skills and Trades) that listed various activities of the Calabrian towns. The first registration in the Chamber of Commerce that we found was back in 1918, as Angelo and Sons, Co. in Rose(CS). Some year later, in the moment in which the electrification was changing the aspect of the Italian industry, we were one of the first companies on the territory in converting the ancient grain mill to a system of cylinders and plansichter of the Bùhler in one transmission that circulated to various points of the building. Soon after the II World War, the sons of Angelo Bruno, Salvatore, Augustino, Giovanni and Quintino transferred the factory in the city of Cosenza where they began to mill in March of 1948, with a potentiality of 500 quintals in 24 hours. In the succeeded years, through modifications and improvements and constructing silos for grain of a capacity of 100,000 quintals, we arrived at a grinding potentiality of 2400 quintals in 24 hours. The constant attention to the technological progress and logistic problems brought us to transfer our systems in Montalto Uffugo Scalo(CS) where we put into effect the present industry and therefore the direct emanation of the experience matured from the Bruno family throughout the years. The technologies that we use today in the production processes are most modern and in step with the frequent demands of the contemporary market.